Singleton Rare Breeds Show

An early start, nothing new there, but the surreal twist is that at this event the customers arrived before us. We got on the ferry moments before the coach for the Isle of Wight Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers. They were early-birding it so they could submit entries for the competition classes. Most of the journey there was spent waving as coach and van took it in turns to overtake.

Setting up was a doddle, and the sun shone for all of five minutes. We had made a neat display, which was washed away by the rain coming through our gazebo. So  we put it all away again until the next sunny spell. And repeat. And repeat.

The show go-ers are a hardy bunch, and we had a great day. A very easy attitude prevailed, an understanding that not everyone would be buying, just hiding from the weather. No pressure to buy, no pressure to sell. It was wonderfully relaxing.

I’m proud to say our guild swept the board. These are from our guild.

Judith’s entries can be viewed at her upcoming Open Studio from Friday the 22nd to Monday the 25th. This shawl was spun with one of our drop-spindles.

Always a pleasure. The Weald and Downland is a fantastic setting, and we had a great day, despite the weather. Last year we were spoilt for sunshine, so it was probably to be expected. Weald and Downland 


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