FibreEast is over, onwards FibreFest!

Knackered. Amazing weekend, and met the finest of people, and I am truly, utterly thankful for the wonderful time.

EDIT – Forgot that I’m going fishing!


2 thoughts on “FibreEast is over, onwards FibreFest!

  1. Is Fibre-Fest the one in Dorset?! I am very much enjoying the site…and the excellent picture of Wilbur! More cat photos please! Also can we see some photos of your work?! xx

    1. Yup, although I now realise that I will have to rethink FibreFest.

      Pity, as it seems amazing. As to cat photos, I will leave the knitting round the house, so chances are a cat will lie near a thing for a photo soon.

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