The Amusing Muse

“Inspiration comes from many places, the lateral spark between the problem in hand and the unconnected; the sudden realisation of a common…”





All my socks are dirty.  Every single one is a sloughed snakeskin in a basket convention. Except, for the great pile of mending I’ve been putting off for months. The stark, survivalist, plane crash in the Andes unclouding of my mind is simple, If I want to go outside today, I shall have to darn my way out.

1. I have to have socks mended to wear by the time the washing is ready to hang up outside

2. The dog needs walking soon, so the race is on.

3. Once the first pair are done I can reassess the situation.

The I left the great jumper project to one side and slowly realised that I was quite enjoying my darn day. I even did two pairs before standing up. I may even make a rule that I have to clear part of the darn backlog before I can start each new project.

Because resolutions always work, yes, always….


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