Mandatory Jubilee Posting

I also toyed with the title, ‘Rain stops play’, or, ‘Indoors if wet’.

The success of a journey can be gauged by your memories of it.

I remember eating a pack of Jaffa cakes on the train. The exciting life I lead!

Andy and I arrived in Somerset on the last of the sunny days. It was gorgeous weather with ice creams and freshness and joy. We walked with Tim and Holly through meadows and along riverbanks and all agreed that we were due for a lush holiday.

The sound system at the Ilchester Street Party occupied all of the tent and nobody was dancing outside. Shown below is my lasting contribution to the Jubilee legacy.

The next day was a little better. We barbecued, sliced diced and prepped delicious meals to take our mind off the weather.

                                                                                      Monday was Glasto day!


The next shot is only spoilt by Tim’s expression. There was a second where he was smiling, but the auto focus couldn’t cope. Still learning to use this phone.

The best part of the Tor walk was the numbers of people who were just there to have a nice time with loved ones. Families and groups of friends like ours enjoying the country views. It felt so apt for the jubilee weekend. A simple enjoyment with no bunting and one beacon. Now, I’m known to be a bit silly over historical type things, but something in me clicked with the beacons. The first Elizabeth and the Armada. Looking out to sea from the Tor, trying to see the water despite the nasty silhouette of the nuclear power station, it wasn’t hard to think of how far we had all come. I don’t mean as a nation, but my progress, Andy’s maturity and Tim tying the knot. We stood there with Holly and were wonderfully grown-up.

It couldn’t last. That beacon got us humming music from the Lord of the Rings which degraded into an intense discussion of the relative merits of  90’s pop sensations. Then we redeemed ourselves by quoting verbatim the intros to 80’s childrens programming.

Now its your turn. What does the Glastonbury beacon make you  think of?


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