Once upon a time I studied at the Bangor site of the University of Wales. While I was there I attended Aikido and met some incredible people. The club was Ki Society affiliated and practised Ki almost as much as the techniques. They were an inspirational group to work with.

Since I came back to the Isle of Wight I’ve been a bit slothful. It’s not that I didn’t want to have a life; I just felt too unfit to get fit. Contradiction? Poss-efinitely. But one thing that really stuck with me in Japan is that people there do what they do. England has an attitude we all carry about, a nosiness. We pry and suppose and expect it of others. That wasn’t present in Japan. People respect your right to get along with your own business.

I gave myself a talking-to, and headed off to the Isle of Wight Aikido Group in the sportshall of Sandown Bay Academy (f.y.i. the school also has a climbing wall). I am really enjoying it there. I’m enthused. And so on late saturday (early sunday) I made an impulse order with Nine Circles.

Jo in a large size with bokken (which I’m a little scared by) and natty bag for them to go in. Gi jacket is a vintage GiKo that has been knocking around the cupboard for decades.


It was with me by Tuesday morning. This was a good, speedy delivery  and I am very grateful. Their gi trousers are great. The prices can be most reasonable.

And the funny thing was that on Tuesday morning I was at work, when I had a sudden feeling I should go home for a cup of tea. And as I made the tea,  the knock came at the door. Serendipitous. Thankyou Nine Circles.

All I have to do now is learn how to fall safely 🙂


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