Love is letting go of books.

The move continues with today’s cull claiming a mass of paperwork and a full banana box of paperbacks.

These are the days of honesty. Days of Radical Realization. In these days we stand in the light of self-knowledge. Knowing that after a decade of not wanting to read ‘Fermat’s Last Theorum’ the chances are that we never will. Same thing for Kant in German, also with polish cookbooks. Not that I dislike Polish food, but that I am not going to learn Polish just to make use of a memento. That previously unrealeased Tolkein that was all in the Silmarillion anyway. Outdated first-aid manuals, a London A to Z that predates me, duplicates and Ibsen and travelogues. All gone.

I’ve been seeing them everyday for years. Some of them are old friends. I wish them well as they go out into the world.


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