Carry on Camping (no capons)

Stoats Farm Caravan & Camping

Weston Lane, Totland Bay, Isle of Wight PO39 0HE
01983 755258

We have just returned from one of the wettest bronze exhibitions in living memory; the teams did wonderfully all things considered. A big help in this was the hospitality at Stoat’s Farm Camping and Caravaning. They were warm, generous, thoughtful and kind. The showers and loos were quite nice. There is also a little shop, reasonable price in front of the laundry. The crowning glory (just beating the view) is the lending library. All the top shelves of the shop are free-to-use books. They even had ‘Ivy Cottage’ by E.J.Taylor.


We had a great time and would certainly use it in good weather as well! There are BBQs and it is super-close to the activity centre in Freshwater Bay.

ps. If you too would like to have a rainy yet also fun weekend in the country, take a look at the D of E website.


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