How to: Get Rid of Moths

The first thing is to remember,

‘Moths are a part of nature, without them we would have drowned under old hair already, and life on earth would be harsh. And if Moths had never been, evolution would have designed something worse to fill the dead hair eating role.’

This is the process.

1. Hoover everything around the container your stash is in.

2. Make a cup of tea. Deep breaths.

3. Sift into two strong plastic bags, keep and chuck. Keep is obvious; chuck is the stuff you never liked anyway. It is the blessing in disguise, the sort-out you wanted before you knew there were moths in your stash.

4. Say Goodbye to the chuck bag

5. Treat the Keep Bag. Take it outside and give everything a shake. Un-ball and re-ball. By the end of this you should have shaken everything off. Moths larvae hate daylight.

6. Anything you can’t un-ball and re-ball, such as a WIP (work in progress), should be washed. Provisionally cast-off/bind-off. Hang outdoors on a sunny day. The larvae and eggs will detach. By falling they hope to find darker places. Then wash the WIPs as you intend to wash the finished garment.

7. While things are still damp get the wet W.I.P.s and un-balled-re-balled wool and freeze the lot. Ice crystals form, slicing through the baby moths, eggs and all. The slower the freeze the bigger the crystals, more damage to moths. The wool will be fine.

8. After a few weeks, or once you’ve calmed down (whichever is the longer time), dry it in sunlight (just in case) and store in smaller batches than you did previously. This will minimise future losses. Plastic transparent tubs are ideal.

Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket.

Finally, bear in mind that moths like dark, still places to live in. So have regular sort throughs with your stash and wardrobe, don’t keep things you don’t need, vary your outfits so they all get light and motion. Hoover your wardrobes and drawers, and put white paper at the bottom of the wardrobe. The second moth poo starts falling on it, have a sort-out.

 Knit it all. Stash bust. Then it is done and gone, give away or sell items. Less stash, less to go wrong.


One thought on “How to: Get Rid of Moths

  1. I had moths when I first moved in to my new flat. I destroyed them with chemicals, luckily they hadn’t had a chance to find my stash! Hope you’re well 🙂

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