Consumer Backlash

Today I set out to buy some treble A’s for my bike-lights. This is a story about that. I admit straight-away, hand on heart that I should have gone for rechargeables but, until I find out which box the charger is in (and there are many boxes), road safety wins. Clutching my hard-earneds, I went to Newport. I do so like shopping in Newport! Truly. Most of the time. But not today, as I shall tell…

In one shop I saw these, as pictured with a label for £1.99.

Exibit A

Alright, I thought, hand outstretched. But the hand recoiled, in response to the bewildering price on Exhibit B.

The price of bewilderment is £3.99.

Hang in there gentle reader, for this section makes me sound like a stamp-collector or member of the Crystal Set Wireless Society. But after the Mr. Culdesac impression we shall come to the human interest aspect.

Firstly; exhibit B is twice the price and a penny more!

2 x 1.99 makes 3.98 for 8 batteries. 8 batteries at 3.99, less 3.98 for two packs of four, difference one pence.

Secondly, the packaging on ExB says that half of the contents are free.

Human Interest (If anyone actually is interested)

I talked to the chap. He wouldn’t budge on the price, even though the big pack promises bounty and freebys and Milk and honey and OUGHT to be £1.99.

He did his best Dickensian slimy, scraping cloying, shrugging, suppurating queasy smile and backed damply away from anything I said or asked him. He wrung his hands and left an oily trail across the counter as he retreated from my jovial and rather friendly prompting. In the end he agreed that the four non-free ones in ExB, must be each twice and a quarter penny more, thereby allowing the four free batteries to be, well…free.

Those four are no different to or better than the other pack. And the technical spec. in the top left corner was identical. The eagle-eyed amongst you can see so.

I took myself elsewhere. I don’t intend to return. It was a small local shop selling plastic tat. Much as I would LOVE to support small local crap shops, I will stick to supporting honest shops. However sized.

Whinge over, thank-you for your patience.

ps. I do not endorse the website splurged on the second picture, but it was the best I could find at ranting short-notice.

I also quite like stamp collectors, as a rule.


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