And the beat goes Bonn… Language Course Day 2

2013-07-09 09.03.37

At first I thought that there was blood in my urine. For three or four anxious minutes it slipped my mind that on the previous evening I’d been swigging merrily at a tetrapak of beetroot juice.

That aside; the morning went well. We have begun to separate into social groups. The loose horseshoe arrangement of the classroom has been subverted; a strong band of high achievers has taken prime spot by the door and near our tutor. The bottom of the horseshoe, its furthest point from our tutor is the preserve of the strugglers. I sit with a hodgepodge of nationalities, Spain, Tunisia, the US, etc. Furthest from the door, but again close to our tutor, is a trio of Spaniards, cousins all.

We all share a few jokes, and in one case a quote, which has stuck in my head all day.

I dash out at the end to meet Yuri, who has been exploring Bonn. We meet in the shade near a statue of Beethoven and discuss how fashion differs across Europe. We also promise to play Go sometime, and Yuri has offered to each me Japanese chess.

At home we all jump on the sofa for tonight’s movie; ‘Spirited Away’, in Japanese with German subtitles. I can proudly translate the occasional word! I even get there ahead of the subtitles for ‘FlussGot’.


Exercise Rest Day


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