I am the Jake!

I had today’s blog all planned out.
Monday 16th. Start work experience at kindergarten, in order to learn german. Make weak joke about ‘Kindergarten Cop’ with Arnold Schwarsenegger. Draw parrallels to: big guy. Small people. Foreign accent.
Easy enough.

Once I got there I learned a cool thing. To get the idea of ‘word gender’ the children are introduced to each other, and introduce themselves, with an article!

“Er ist der Heinrich und sie ist die Eva”

He is THE (m.) Henry, and she is THE (f.) Eve

So I had to follow the rule with a cheery ‘Ich heise’ or ‘Mein namen ist’ with ‘der Jake’.

So there fell apart my Arnie parallel. I now relate more fully to Silvester Stallone in his 1995 camp-comedy, (sorry, action-adventure) “Judge Dredd”.

I am the Law!
Ich bin der Jake!



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