Well meaning


I probably shouldn’t blog this late at night. My sp3lling and gramming might suffer.
But I do want to share this photo from earlier. A tiny bike shop has drilled a hole in their window frame and snaked out a pneumatic hose. The nozzle pictured above is positioned outside, on a roughly made stand, in all weathers. It is for the use of any passing cyclist in need.
So many things are like that here. There is never a ticket barrier: people are trusted to buy a ticket. The tip jars are superglued down, put they are wide enough that I could scoop out a double handfull. There are bookshelves in public places in case you want to pass on an old read. Many shops are often unstaffed, one must ring a counter bell and wait by the sweeties before someone shuffles out of the storeroom to accept your money.


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