Why I am glad that my computer is broken

At the worst moment possible last month my laptop fizzled out. It gave no warning. I had to abandon my lesson plan and run for the train. This left me out of puff: I am not as fit as I ought to be.

We’ve got a running event next spring. I had a little pre-training ritual. Before forcing my way onto the rainy streets to pound leafy pavements I would look at an inspirational photo on the net.
Here’s a good one


This little psych-up was good for me. The problem was that recently the ritual had become more important than training. The time dribbles away.
I would think that I had to work even harder to meet my targets in diminishing time. For this I would require another, even stronger dose of inspiring imagery.


And then I’d realised I’d missed my training slot. I would get angry at myself and say, “Right, no time to do anything proper, better find tommorow’s image now!”

Not clever…

But then my computer broke: since, we have been out lots of times! In the woods  on the hill or through suburbs to the river. I’ve even caught myself absent mindedly exercising for the hell of it, pull-ups on a walk here or there or sit-ups when waiting for a phone call. It has freed me.


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