‘Undecided on Love’ Exhibition

It’s on! It’s live and there are no excuses for not going.
Except the miles and miles of sea one has to cross…

{ The Undecided Art Collective }

Undecided on Love poster - Julie Barnes Poster by the marvelous Julie Barnes ❤

The Undecided Art Collective are delighted to present an Exhibition of new Artworks on the theme of LOVE.
The show will take place at Ventnor Exchange between the 6th and 8th of February 2015.

“LOVE: bringer of unequaled joys and unfathomable sorrows; catalyst of temporary (and sometimes lasting) madness; trigger for strange behaviours of every kind.

Love penetrates the furthest reaches of our experience and tears us in every direction, from invincible ecstasy to numbing mediocrity, right down to unfathomable despair and back again, changed.

Its partners in crime; light-headedness, joy, nervousness, self-doubt, excitement, fear, embarrassment, silliness, apprehension and the gang all play their part in its strange dance.”

Join us on Friday the 6th of February at 8pm for a preview with music from Laura Claire Reid and Matt Hitt of The Ventnor Darlings and our Undecided playlist of infinite love ♥ (

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