About me.

Jake  has been knitting on and around the south coast for years.


He is taking what work he can to learn more about wool, because he reckons there must be more to life than BFL 4-ply.


He has started to take it, if not himself, seriously.



2 thoughts on “About me.

  1. Hi Jake.
    How are you? I’m hoping that you’re the correct Jake. I live in Australia and I used to have a pen pal named Jacob Packham that lived in Blackwater, Isle of Wight. Not sure as my photo is now 20yrs old but it could be you. I’m tidying out my house and found some old letters and thought I’d try get in touch. A long shot seeing as though it seems a while since you’ve added to your blog…
    Let me know if it’s you (and if you’re not completely creeped out by this)!
    Rysia (pronounced Risha) nee Sullivan

    1. Hi Rysia,
      It’s great to hear from you! I’m the right one, and I do think happily about our letters. I remember that you lived in Clontarf (or Clondarf?) near Brisbane. Is that right?It’s been a long time. You sent me some things from the Sydney Olympics, and there have been a few since then.

      I hope life’s good to you. I am happy: I am married to a Bavarian lady, and we are raising our son in a place called Bonn, on the Western border of Germany, near Holland.

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