19 Feb-12 March Knitting Techniques Course.

4 weeks every Tuesday 2:30-5 PM. Casting on methods, knit purl, rib, sewing-up, colourwork, button holes and casting off – if these terms mean nothing to you, then come along and enjoy learning a very relaxing craft. Tutor: Jake Packham. Beginners. Price £ 30 to Oliven

7 April 2013 W.O.L.F Run

Check the video; a ten kilometer obstacle course over and through Woods, Obstacles, Lakes and Fields. We shall enter as a ‘pack’ of five and intend to have good clean (ish) fun.

27-28 April 2013   Wonderwool Wales

One of the best shows in the UK. It’s on hard standing, in doors, with animal pens and some of the best catering of all time. Of course we all show lots of lovely fluff and yarn, but it must be said that the coffee is world-class. Last year I got up at dawn to get some before the crowds arrived. Well worth it. The only thing better is the cake. Don’t touch the meringue: they’re mine. 

There is also a tendency for chaps to don kilts for this event. Just saying…

Unique Feature. The SheepWalk fashion show runs thrice daily, is open to any home-made ensembles and has no entry criteria, just write clearly what you want the MC to tell your adoring public.

Ravelry is well represented with good provisions for play-time 🙂 There is a great community of staunch two-dayers amongst the public and a village feel amongst the super-hardy stallholders. The shawls aren’t for show, they’re there for the overnight conditions.

26 May Relay Triathlon

28-29 June 2013 Woolfest!

Not 100% on this, but I think this is the biggest event in the country. Please write-in I’m wrong. Always look out for Almost Alien. They don’t often get down south, relying on the angelic Sparkleduck to stock their products. However, you must go listen to Brandon explaining his designs. Spindle makers are sometimes competitive, but I simply LOVE his designs. We are different ends of the spectrum and the spectrum is so cool with him in it.

Unique Features: The organisers are an inspirational group and their work is displayed in a gallery. I have shelled out there and come away enraptured. 

The parade ring has stock shows and a series of lectures on the finer points of fleece. This is super-informative, with a brisker pace that the ‘all together now’ approach of many craft workshops. The stock pens are also larger, with a greater variety of breeds represented. Proper cafe IN the complex. Lush.

21 July 2013 Singleton Rare Breeds Show

A great family day out. I feel very much at home here. My local guild gets the same ferry as us on the morning, and we leapfrog down the road, waving as we go.

The stock IS the show, and although the wool side is growing nicely the animals are the stars. I spend lots of time looking at the pigs. There are veterinary product stands, furniture stands, charity stands, pop-up cafes in medieval  houses and more small crafters than you can shake a stick at. There is a guy who sells sticks, a local expert to date the design of your stick and displays of tools down the ages. There are show-rabbits! I used to buy chickens there.

Unique Features: The WSD has a competition marquee for fleeces and woollen items. It is worth-it in it’s own right and it shows many things that were shorn by one woman and worked through every stage through to completion. I have differed with the judges in the past, but I’m not picking fights: they are top of their game.

What I said about it in 2011

27-28 July 2013 Fibre-East

Still a young event, but therein lies the charm, there is stuff there of such vibrancy. It is ‘manned’ by a horde of friends and neighbours; they make it incredible. It is my personal favourite. Not being so far from London it is drawing an ever-younger clientèle and they are well aware of what the web has to offer. This drives the organiser to select the most tactile, gorgeous products possible, giving the experiences the internet can never replicate. It’s a good event for the guys as well.

–there is so much I could say about Fibres-East, so I will leave it here, ’cause I really can’t wait to be there–

Unique Features: The Shear Sheep Experience and Sheep-to-Shoulder. Ones a great show, the other is a sheep-sheared and spun and knitted into a jumpy by a competitive team against the clock.

What I said about it in 20112012

9-11 August The Association of guilds of Spinners Weavers and Dyers- Summer School

A massive honour to be invited! Trade Fair open to the general public on Saturday

3-6 October Spinntreffen           What I said about it in 2011

25-26 October 2013 Lewes Sorry, no details yet. It is on every second year, so Seize the Opportunity. If you are nearby, it is incredible. Not much of a sales event, but craft excellence!


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